The Hair Magic Story 

The 100% Natural Way

The Hair Magic Serum was conceived from the need to help every man and woman achieve their desire for thicker, fuller and  healthier hair; the natural way.  Our all natural ingredients all aid in improving blood flow to hair follicles to accelerate growth. 

The Hair Magic Serum focuses on rejuvenating hair and scalp from within, rather than a temporary fix. Our product formula is carefully blended with some of the hair care industry's most effective ingredients like Vitamin C and Biotin. 

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The Hair Magic Vision

"Healthy, Natural and Dynamic; We hold that to the highest standard."


"Nature is pleased with simplicity"

Our CEO John Ayodele is a strong advocate for infusing simplicity with nature. He used this same approach when creating the formula for the product. The product formula was discovered while battling with hair los himself. Utilizing simple ingredients produced by nature herself, to achieve the best results for all issues relating to hair loss or hair growth. 

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John Ayodele, CEO and Founder of The Hair Magic


Product features

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