The Hair Magic Story

A very popular english saying goes, "necessity is the mother of invention". The hair magic serum was discovered in this exact manner. On September 3rd 2019, our inventor, John Ayodele, decided to cut all his hair off as a fashion statement. This would be the beginning of a 6 month battle as his hair grew back very patchy and uneven.

Determined to revive his hair, John took matters into his hands and began experimenting with various products and oils that just DID NOT WORK!! 
After a couple of months, a shocking discovery was made that would change his story and that of countless others. After many trial and errors, a proprietary blend of natural essentials oils, vitamin C extracts and sulfur would prove to be the difference maker. IT WORKED LIKE MAGIC!! 
One month into using this blend and the results were amazing on the hair and beard.